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Shu Pu (Shanghai) Biotechnologies LLC (DBA Aksomics) is a high-tech company specializing in providing technical services for cutting-edge researches in life sciences. We are dedicated to developing and providing services based on innovative technologies in microarray, single-cell sequencing, next-generation sequencing, immunoprecipitation sequencing, mass spectrometry and other platforms. Aksomics has competitive technologies and extensive service experiences in the fields of non-coding RNAs (lncRNA, circRNA, tRNA, tsRNA, microRNA, and etc.), RNA modifications (m6A, m5C, m7G, ac4C, m1A, and etc.), and proteomics. It leverages its multi-omics platform covering transcriptomics, epigenomics, proteomics, single cell-omics, exosomics and metabolomics, and has developed specialized services across multi-platforms, such as, CHIRP, DRIP, Ago-APP and etc.

Aksomics partners with KangChen Bio-tech Inc, headquartered in Shanghai, and has established more than 10 branches in mainland China. Aksomics is the exclusive distributor and service provider in mainland China for all the Products and Services of Arraystar Inc. At present, our customers have published over 740 SCI papers using our Arraystar lncRNA microarray technical service; more than 500 SCI papers using our Arraystar circRNA microarray technical service; and more than 2500 SCI papers using all of our technical services combined.

List of SCI results published by researchers using Aksomics (Shu Pu Bio-tech and KangChen Bio-tech) technical services: